Royal Victoria Marathon
Victoria, British Columbia CA
Sunday October 13, 2013

Victoria Attractions

The Butchart Gardens opened to the public in 1904 after Robert and Jenny Butchart worked tirelessly to transform an exhausted limestone quarry into a beautiful sanctuary. Since then, the garden has dramatically increased the number of plant species it displays. In addition to stunning flowers, the garden also features a number of bronze animal statues, ponds and relaxing fountains. Today, the gardens include several themed sections, including a traditional Japanese garden and an Italian garden. Children can enjoy a ride on the Rose Carousel, which features several dozen wonderfully handcrafted animals. The adjacent historic residence offers a variety of foods and tea for garden visitors.

The Royal British Columbia Museum focuses on both the human and natural history of the Victoria area. The natural history exhibits in the museum feature life-like displays from the Ice Age and beyond. These displays include a simulated underwater scene and a life-size wooly mammoth. The human history section of the museum begins with early Victoria history. Visitors start their tour in a replica of a 20th century Victoria street and walk by a silent movie theater and train station. Later, visitors learn about Victoria's early industries by observing a mine shaft and forestry equipment. The museum also hosts art works from Canada's indigenous people in another section. This part of the museum highlights the changes the European immigration brought to the native people of Canada.

The Victoria Butterfly Gardens feature hundreds of butterflies living in a tropical greenhouse. The greenhouse is home to over 70 different species and more than 4,000 total butterflies. Many varieties of moths also call the greenhouse home. The greenhouse is also populated by hundreds of tropical plants and a refreshing waterfall. Several energetic bird species fly among the colorful butterflies, to the delight of visitors. Several streams also run through the greenhouse where visitors may find a variety of carp species.

At the Fairmont Empress, visitors may participate in a special tea tradition that is part of Victoria's elegant history. Since 1908, the Fairmont Empress has offered afternoon tea to thousands of visitors, making it one of Victoria's most popular tourist activities. The historic building offers a luxurious lounge where tourists may listen to piano music while awaiting their tea and pastries. Through the years, the Fairmont Empress has served tea to foreign dignitaries, celebrities and tourists from around the globe. This elegant attraction is a truly unique experience that is open to all tourists.

The Maritime Museum of British Columbia gives curious visitors an overview of British Columbia's marine history. A group of naval officers founded the museum in 1953 as a way to educate citizens about British Columbia's history. The displays of the region's maritime history begin with the early explorers by displaying artifacts and replicas of ships. Vessels at the museum include a 30-foot canoe which sailed to England from Vancouver Island in 1904. The museum's vast holdings include tools, uniforms, weapons and other equipment from various points in British Columbia's maritime history. Visitors may also view a collection of historical photographs and journals.