Tucson Marathon & Half Marathon
Tucson, AZ USA
Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tucson Marathon Information

With gorgeous scenery and a scorching fast course, the Tucson Marathon is quickly becoming a favorite qualifying event for the Boston Marathon. The first marathon was organized in 1995 and attracted around 800 participants. Since then, the event has grown to include around 4,000 runners every year.

Each December, Tucson residents experience an influx of out of town visitors, many of whom are arriving to participate in this event or to support a friend or family member who is running. It's the perfect time of year to hold a marathon in Arizona. While the temperature may be as low as 30 degrees at the early morning start of the race, the temperature usually climbs to between 60 and 70 degrees by 11:00. The dry climate also contributes to a comfortable race for all runners.

The marathon begins in the historic town of Oracle, which lies about 30 miles north of Tucson. Some runners find lodgings in Oracle the night before the race to make the early morning start time a bit of an easier transition. The course is a point to point configuration, and participants cross the finish line at Coronado Middle School in Tucson. Runners stay on paved surfaces throughout, with bright orange traffic cones marking the way. The course winds along the Santa Catalina Mountains, providing stunning vistas along its length. In fact, running in this marathon may be one of the best ways to truly soak in the scenery of the desert landscape. Past participants have praised the beauty of the views and the inspiring sunrise.

Because the marathon course is largely downhill, it makes for an admirable first race and provides an excellent opportunity for runners to set a new personal record. This is an especially important consideration for runners who are interested in qualifying for the prestigious Boston Marathon. Tucson race organizers automatically send qualifying race results to officials in Boston. It also explains why the Tucson Marathon successfully attracts runners from all 50 states and even from foreign countries every year.

The Tucson Marathon is also recognized as an excellent race because organizers work hard to ensure the comfort and safety of all participants. An efficient shuttle system guarantees timely arrival at the start line and the delivery of personal items at the finish line. Outdoor space heaters are liberally used before the start of the race to keep runners comfortable and warm. Once across the finish line, runners encounter a staff of well trained volunteers who help them safely recover from their exertions.

The marathon has grown so popular that it now features several other events including a half marathon, relay marathon, a five kilometer race and a one mile race. These other events entice friends and family members to join in the fun, and provide opportunities for groups to participate. With a full program of different events, fast courses and beautiful scenery, it's no surprise that the Tucson Marathon is drawing so many visitors to Arizona in December.