Toronto Marathon & Half Marathon
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sunday May 4, 2014

Toronto Marathon Information

If you enjoy running marathons and are looking for a race to run in that offers great scenery and exciting competition, take a look at the Toronto Marathon! The Marathon on Toronto offers you a number of different race length options, allowing runners of all levels to take part in the race. If you want a marathon that you can enjoy and meet new people at the same time, check out the Toronto Marathon.

Started in 1977 as the Canadian International Marathon, the name was officially changed in 2008 to the Goodlife Fitness Marathon. The Toronto Marathon features a 5K Run, a half-marathon and a full marathon. The race is held each year to benefit the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and is typically run in May. While most of the marathon winners over the years have been from Canada, runners from the United States have won the event twice in the last four years.

The past marathons have drawn approximately 2,500 participants and has been called a great place to qualify for the Boston Marathon by many of the runners. The course is known as one of the fastest courses in all of the Marathon destinations and many of the participants have broken their own personal records at Toronto. The race winds through the city of Toronto, running along many of the city's downtown buildings as well as along the coastline of Lake Ontario. The route also includes twenty-one aid stations along with refreshments to keep the runners going such as gatorade, water and bananas.

The Toronto Marathon also includes a 5K Walk Marathon that is sponsored by Weight Watchers and is designed to get people familiar with the Weight Watchers diet and getting healthy through walking. The 5K Walk has seen more than 3,000 people participating in this walking event and the sponsor is hoping to draw even more attention to the marathon, getting people out and walking so they can enjoy a healthier life.

The Toronto Marathon offers many informational programs and documents to help you get ready for the race, including maps of the race route, a training program to help you get physically ready for the race, pace rabbits during the race that will help you to keep track of where you are in the race, a psyching team that knows how to keep you motivated for the race and much more.

There are a number of hotels and lodging destinations available in Toronto near the Marathon location that can offer you a convenient and comfortable place to stay during the event. Sports nutritionist will be available to all participants to help with your training as well as the Psyching Team who can help you with learning how to keep yourself motivated and getting your focus totally on the race.

When you want an event that can help you to get physically fit as well as training your mind for the endurance of the race, running the Toronto Marathon is a great way to get going.