Toronto Marathon & Half Marathon
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sunday May 4, 2014

Toronto Dining

Auberge Du Pommier
If you like the fancy dinners and romantic atmosphere, then this is the restaurant that you should visit while in the city. The items on the menu are expensive, but the food is amazing. Each plate is carefully wiped clean so that it comes to your table in the best condition possible. The meals are made with the finest ingredients. There are tables for couples, and there are tables for groups of people to sit and have a nice meal together. The restaurant does have an option to purchase an appetizer, main course and dessert for one price.

Find classic French food in this spectacular restaurant. The food is superb, but the restaurant is known for the pleasant desserts that are served. Try to visit during the holiday season, and you can see the restaurant decorated in beautiful colors. The smell of the food cooking is breathtaking. The thing that makes this restaurant unique is that it is located in the bottom of an apartment building.

Lady Marmalade
Do you want to find somewhere to eat with hearty meals that will fill your stomach? Then try Lady Marmalade. It is only open for breakfast and brunch, but you can find a delectable item on the menu when you come. The diced potatoes are large and have a small bit of basil sprinkled over them. The Eggs Benedict is one of the most requested items on the menu. The restaurant serves items that are good for vegetarians.

This is a restaurant that is run by one family. It serves European food that should be tried at least once. One of the meals that are a little different consists of a large piece of bread and soft eggs baked in the top of it. The bread is soft, and the eggs are just done enough to leave the yolk runny.

Rodney's Oyster House
Try one of the several oyster dishes that this restaurant serves. It also serves other seafood dishes that are made with freshly caught fish. Try one of the oyster shots with a little tabasco, or get the oysters still in their shell. There is a variety of sauces that you can get with the shrimp. Large portions come on your plate along with a side order of your choice.

Dufflet Pastries
If you like sweet treats, you are sure to find what you want here. The small store makes cakes, cupcakes and other pastries that can be bought in the store. You can also place an order to pick up. The store also makes custom cakes if you need something for a birthday or special event.