San Francisco Marathon
San Francisco, CA USA
Sunday July 27, 2014

San Francisco Marathon Information

Surrounded by the cool ocean air, San Francisco is a challenge, even for seasoned marathoner's. The City is built on steep hills leading down to the San Francisco bay. The famous Golden Gate Bridge is part of the marathon route as is Golden Gate Park located just off the bridge. The route goes through the city itself along an Embarcadero that meanders near the Pacific Ocean.

The San Francisco Marathon
The San Francisco Marathon qualifies runners for the Boston marathon and is a loop style race, certified by the USA Track and Field Commission (USATF). The route lies in a loop that covers 42.4 km (26.35 miles). The race has a three-hour limit to qualify as an Official Finisher. There is a rolling closure time and participants who cannot keep up will be asked to move to the sidewalk so traffic can be released at set times.

The San Francisco Half Marathon
The first half of the marathon course moves west through the city, with views of the Presidio and the finest homes in the Bay Area. The Presidio wetlands are a beautiful transition to the Golden Gate Park where the second half of the marathon begins. The half marathon is certified by the USATF.

Other Marathons in the Area
San Francisco offers runners another USATF certified full-marathon experience in the fall and two shorter runs. The Nike Women's Marathon is a full and a half marathon that is run in October. The Bay to Breakers is a race from the San Francisco Bay to Ocean Beach and occurs in May. The Bridge to Bridge run happens in October and the 36th event will occur in September.

Route and Weather Information
The fog along the coast at San Francisco can be heavy and occurs most days, burning off in the afternoons and returning in early evening. The temperatures are mild, perfect for running long distances or for enjoying the race from the sidelines. Restroom and rest facilities are provided along the race route. Food at the end of the marathon is organic and nutritious, and finishers are eligible for a free beer.

Safety and Traffic
The traffic in San Francisco is hectic but marathon organizers and the city have made the route as safe as possible. Supporters are enthusiastic and accommodating. The race is becoming famous for the endurance needed to continue running up and down the hills of one of the steepest cities in North America.

The San Francisco Marathon, San Francisco, California is a must do marathon for serious runners. Visitors running in the San Francisco marathon get to experience, at street level, the ingenuity required to build a modern metropolis on terrain steep, rugged, and prone to movement. The route is beautiful with spectacular urban and ocean elements melded in harmony and wrapped in a cool ocean mist.