Salt Lake City Marathon Marathon
Salt Lake City, UT USA
Saturday April 19, 2014

Salt Lake City Marathon Information

Since its inception in 2004, the Salt Lake City Marathon has been hailed for its beautiful course and festive atmosphere. Guiding runners through Salt Lake City Utah's wide city streets, cozy neighborhoods and alongside the massive Wasatch Mountains, the flat marathon route is both a USATF certified course and a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.

Spring blossoms and snow-capped peaks are a fixture of the marathon that Runner's World listed among their 12 new favorites when it first deputed. Run in April when average temperatures are between 61ºF and 43ºF, the scenic course has continued to grow in popularity, adding additional events such as a half marathon and 5K.

Recently given an influx of money and energy when US Road Sports & Entertainment Group purchased the event, the Salt Lake City Marathon Weekend now sees as many as 9,000 participants racing in the various distances and often over 25,000 spectators. Featuring overall awards for Men and Women, as well as age group divisions from 15 to 90+, the weekend truly has become an event for all generations.

The Salt Lake City Marathon begins with pre-even entertainment and parties, including a Quality of Life Expo, before moving into race day Saturday. Beginning several days before the marathon, The Quality of Life Expo features a wide range of vendors with all the latest in health and fitness gear and technology. Since packets are not mailed, and there is no race day pickup, the Expo gives participants the opportunity to pick up their race packets, while also allowing for last minute registration.

Come the day of the big race, a Bag Drop area will be provided for you to check your gear before the run. Once you have finished the race, you can pick up your bag by using your bib # at the finish line area. During the race, aid stations will be spaced every 1.7 – 1.9 miles along the course, with each station giving the runner access to refreshments, restrooms, and medical personnel.

Whether you are a racing superstar or weekend warrior, the Salt Lake City Marathon allows for times up to six hours, including pacers for times ranging from 3:05 to 4:45. As you hit the final mile and make your way to the finish line, energy won't be a problem either! Spirit, music, and celebration from a friendly crowd of excited onlookers will guide you across the finish line in a rush unlike any other.

Once the hard part is over, it's time to celebrate! Purchase the photo of your finish, pick up your medallion for finishing, and head off to enjoy the fun of Celebration Station. The Salt Lake City Marathon post-race includes interactive events for adults and children, food, music, and a host of other festivities.

Featuring the magnificent scenic beauty and charming hospitality of Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake City Marathon has grown from simply a 26 mile race to an entire weekend of events that will charm your entire family.