Salt Lake City Marathon Marathon
Salt Lake City, UT USA
Saturday April 19, 2014

Salt Lake City Attractions

This Is the Place Heritage Park provides a great opportunity for tourists to fully immerse themselves in early Salt Lake City history. Within this large park, visitors will find multiple authentic pioneer homes to explore on foot. Costumed actors wander through the park, providing information and demonstrations of pioneer life. Guests may watch as the employees create furniture by hand, spin spools of yarn, and take care of farm animals. Young children may play with a collection of cuddly farm animals, including baby goats and chickens. Visitors may take a tour via a replica train to get a feel for the scope of the park and learn some fascinating history facts from the tour guide.

The Natural History Museum of Utah covers Utah's early geological, cultural and biological history from the age of the dinosaurs to the present day. This attraction, partnered with the University of Utah, is both a public museum and a research center. In the cultural displays, visitors can find artifacts from Native Americans discovered by archaeologists in Utah. The museum's geological exhibits display stunning minerals and gemstones from the local area. Finally, the biological exhibits cover Utah's impressive dinosaur history, including over 30 dinosaur skeletal reconstructions.

Utah's Hogle Zoo offers plenty of exciting and exotic wildlife for visitors of all ages to enjoy. The zoo boasts several special displays that help the zoo stand out among its peers. First, the zoo hosts a massive display dedicated to elephants and rhinoceros. This display offers several vantage points, giving patrons an easy way to see the animals. The exhibit even includes a huge pool for the animals to enjoy during Utah's hot summers. The Asian Highlands exhibit is home to a variety of large cats, including Siberian tigers. Finally, the Rocky Shores habitat homes several animals that would feel at home in Alaska, including grizzly bears, polar bears and sea lions.

The Clark Planetarium is dedicated to providing education and entertainment for guests seeking to expand their knowledge of astronomy. Tourists may wander through exhibits devoted to space travel and learn about the possibility of future space discoveries. Other highlights include a stunning replica of the solar system, which is approximately 150 million times smaller than the real one. The Clark Planetarium also houses several real meteorites for guests to touch and hold. The planetarium’s theaters offer scientific documentaries and movies in IMAX format.

Liberty Park offers a peaceful space for tourists weary of the busy urban surroundings of Salt Lake City. This popular park encourages many urban outdoor activities, including walking, running, swimming and biking. The park is anchored by a large pond where visitors may take paddleboats for a refreshing spin. Throughout the park, guests may find a number of historical markers and structures dating from early Salt Lake City history. The park is also home to several other popular stops, including the Tracy Aviary. This aviary houses over 400 birds and is a refuge for many endangered species. Liberty Park is also home to the Isaac Chase Mill, the oldest existing commercial building in Salt Lake City.