Sacramento/Urban Cow Half Marathon
Sacramento, CA USA
Sunday October 6, 2013

Sacramento Urban Cow Half Marathon

Sacramento is a proud and active city that is home to tens of thousands of passionate runners. A number of 5K and half marathon runs have been popping up in the region over the past ten years, and almost every one sells out weeks in advance of the race date. One of the more popular annual events has become the Sacramento Urban Cow Half Marathon Relay & 5K Run, which takes place every October and features nearly 10,000 runners participating in three different types of events.

This year's version will take place on Sunday, October 7th, and it is guaranteed to be "a race like no udder." The participants will gather in the grass area flanking Freeport Boulevard across the street from Sacramento City College, which borders the eastern edge of Land Park. The first few miles of the race weave through the hundreds of trees and dozens of acres of the historic public park.

After leaving the shady confines of Land Park, runners will head toward Old Sacramento and the river's edge, which they will run along through Miller Park before heading back down the bike path and toward the Greenhaven neighborhood. The 5K race will weave in and out of Land Park, featuring the same finish line near the parks southeastern corner. Temperatures are usually in the 60s or 70 by the end of the race, and entrants are typically clad in an even mixture of shorts and long leggings.

Runners should expect mostly asphalt terrain, but a few loops along the river's edge may feature dirt or crushed rocks. Pre-race packets can be picked up in the days leading up to the event at a downtown shoe retailer, and teams that are competing in the half marathon relay would be wise to meet and organize well in advance of the race's 7:30 am start time.

The race involves a series of cattle and beef-themes, including "cow-related" awards for various age groups and a half marathon route that is referred to as the "USDA Prime Certified Route."

The most memorable part of running in the half marathon, the team relay marathon or the 5K will likely be the many sights and views of the great city of Sacramento and its natural and man-made bounties along the route. Land Park, Old Sacramento, the Tower Bridge, Miller Park and the Sacramento Riverfront will all be on full display, creating a situation where folks can zone out, forget about the tired muscles in their legs and concentrate on things such as the many architectural gems in the region or its abundance of trees and birds.

Anyone interested in securing their place in what is sure to be a popular event would be wise to make contact with the proper outlets at their earliest convenience. Registration rates increase incrementally as the race nears.