Quebec City Marathon & Half Marathon
Quebec City, QC Canada
Saturday August 23, 2014

Quebec City Marathon Information

For any visitor who loves the idea of seeing sports history in the making, the Quebec City Marathon is a must-see. While the marathon is called the Quebec City Marathon, it is often referred to in its home city as Marathon des Deux Rives, which translates to the Marathon of the two riverbanks. This marathon is one that has been operating since 1998, making it one of the newer marathons in the area, but also one of the most exciting. If you want to see some real competitive running in Quebec in August, this is the event for you!

There are several marathons that are run during this event. The first and often most widely talked about is the full marathon, which has a complete and official distance of 42.195 kilometers. After this comes the half marathon, with an official distance of 21.0975 kilometers, a ten-kilometer run, a five-kilometer run and various children’s events as well. These events are a fantastic choice for the entire family.

The race itself is one that begins in Quebec, but the runners quickly leave the city to run along the scenic St. Lawrence River. This race, one of the most popular in Canada and a routine favorite with the international marathon community, has drawn more than 48,000 runners since its founding in 1998, with all of the Canadian provinces represented as well as runners from 70 different countries.

There are many different factors that make the Quebec City Marathon such a challenging course. In the first place, it is usually scheduled to run during the worst of the Quebec summer’s heat. Temperatures tend to be high on the weekend of the race, and the runners are also dealing with fairly hilly terrain. However, the residents of both Quebec, and Levis, the city where the second half of the marathon takes place, are noted for their enthusiasm regarding both the race itself and the athletes who try it.

Unlike other marathons, the Quebec City Marathon has markers that are posted tell the runners how far they are from the end. That means that all of the events start at the same time, using the same course, meaning that the runners on the shorter distances end up finishing before the runners on the longer distances. The simultaneous nature of the races gives it a wonderfully inclusive feeling.

When watching the Quebec City Marathon, it is worth taking a moment to consider how the event is scored. For example, it starts with an overall ranking which is awarded to the first 20 men and the first 20 women who cross the finish line, wherein each person is giving a certain amount of points depending on who was first across the line. Then points are increased based on the difficulty of the number of kilometers run and the performance of each member of the race. The person with the highest score is declared the winner, with categories for male and female runners.