Quebec City Marathon & Half Marathon
Quebec City, QC Canada
Saturday August 23, 2014

Quebec City Attractions

One of the most popular museums in Canada is the Musee De La Civilisation in Quebec City. The focus of this museum is the presentation of exhibitions dealing with history and the humanities. The museum does have a permanent collection. However, much of the museum is devoted to a variety of temporary exhibitions held throughout the year. One of the permanent exhibitions is called "Territories" and features artifacts and historical objects relating to Quebec. A special emphasis of this exhibit is on the art and culture of native peoples known in Canada as First Nations. There is a section of the museum devoted entirely to children called "The Discovery Zone". This area allows hands-on learning about the natural environment.

Sea creatures abound at the Aquarium Du Quebec. Like most aquariums, the visitors here will see sharks and other fish swimming in realistic environments. However, this aquarium also provides many animal shows for guests to enjoy during their visit. One of the highlights is the walrus show. Several of these highly trained animals perform a variety of interesting behaviors. Two of the more popular attractions at the aquarium are the polar bear exhibit and the harbor seal performance.

The Plains of Abraham is located inside Battlefields Park. This area was the site of a great battle in 1759 that was part of the French and Indian War. During this battle, British forces under the command of General Wolfe defeated the French army and captured Quebec City. According to historians, the battle at the Plains of Abraham was pivotal in allowing the British to gain full control of Canada. The area is now a National Historic Site under the control of the National Battlefields Commission.

Old Quebec and the area known as Place Royale are noted for their beautiful architecture. Much of these areas resemble the architecture of France during the period of the 17th and 18th century. This area of Quebec City also contains remnants of the city's old walls and fortifications. The area has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Naval Museum of Quebec is the home to a vast amount of information and displays detailing the maritime history of the St. Lawrence River. One of the main exhibits details the history of the War of 1812. Another exhibit of interest focuses on the Canadian Navy's encounters with German U-boats that came up the St. Lawrence during World War II.