Quad Cities Marathon & Half Marathon
Moline, IL USA
Sunday September 28, 2014

Attractions in the Quad Cities Area

Putnam Museum
Located in Davenport, Iowa, the Putnam Museum has focused on the region's science and history since its founding in 1867. Housing more than 160,000 objects and artifacts, the Putnam Museum features several exhibits where visitors can experience the region's environmental habitat and the wildlife life that lives in it. Visitors can explore caves, old trees and a huge aquarium filled with species native to the area. The museum offers many hands-on activities as well as Iowa's largest movie screen.

Quad City Botanical Center
A large complex of botanical gardens and greenhouses, the Quad City Botanical Center is situated in Rock Island, Illinois. The center features many themed gardens such as the perennial, wildflower and butterfly gardens as well as a garden specially designed for individuals with physical limitations. Children can enjoy gardens designed just for them such as the alphabet garden and the secret garden. The highlight of the botanical center is its gorgeous Sun Garden conservatory, which houses waterfalls, fish ponds and many species of plants, flowers and trees like allspice, orchids, bird of paradise, vanilla, bamboo, pineapple, banana and more. Many beautiful art exhibits are also scattered throughout the gardens.

Family Museum of Arts and Science
Located in Bettendorf, Iowa, the Family Museum of Arts and Science is a great place to spend the afternoon. This museum showcases fun, interactive exhibits and classes where children can learn about art, music, language, dance and science. Some of these exciting exhibits include simulated tornadoes, wacky mirrors, a walk-through human heart and an outdoor playground. Children can also learn about the weather, how to make their own music and create their own art.

John Deere Pavilion
A visit to the John Deere Pavilion in Moline, Illinois, should not be missed. Here, visitors can enjoy a tour of the factory to see how John Deere machines are manufactured. Adults and children alike can experience interactive and simulated exhibits where they can see what it is like to operate tractors and other equipment. Other exhibits allow visitors to actually see machinery at work such as dozers, crawlers and combines shaping the land. Another exhibit showcases antique tractors and historical artifacts. The pavilion also features a children's exhibit where they can learn about farming, caring for the environment and road building.

Adler Theatre
Located in Davenport, Iowa, the Adler Theatre is a beautifully restored theatre of art deco design. Guests can enjoy live performances of Broadway productions, symphony, dance, concerts and more.