Philadelphia Marathon
Philadelphia, PA USA
Sunday November 17, 2013

Philadelphia Marathon Information

For the adamant athlete or sports fan, the city of Philadelphia presents The Philadelphia Marathon each year. One of the top ten marathon courses in the country, The Philadelphia Marathon is a truly unique event. The 26.1 one mile mile run begins and ends at the prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Arts on 22nd and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Throughout the course, runners will see sites such as The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and lovely Fairmount Park.

Aside from the health benefits and seeing the city up close, there will also be prize money awarded to the top finishing contestants as well as consolation shirts and refreshments for all runners up. Cash prizes are awarded to one male and one female for each of top runners. The first place male and female will receive $3,500 dollars in cash. The second place male and female will receive $2,000 dollars cash. The third place male and female will receive one thousand dollars cash. The forth place male and female will get $750 dollars and those in fifth place will get $500 dollars cash. For first place "Masters" the prize is $1,000 awarded to one male and female. Finally, for genuine Philadelphia residents there is a first prize "Philadelphian" which is $500 dollars cash and is determined by the participant's zip code. Everyone who completes the race will receive a "finisher" medal as well a results post card and "Finisher" certificate. The race also serves as an entry for the Boston Marathon.

Aside from the traditional "gun time," each runner will be fitted with a small chip attached to the back of their bib that will track them from the beginning until when each runner has crossed the finish line. This is an incredibly accurate way of determining the winners in order.

The event also hosts a half marathon as well as an eight kilometer race if the 26.1 miles seems a bit too harsh. The thousands upon thousands of fans that attend the event each year are very passionate about their city and sports, so you can expect to end the race with an onslaught of cheering fans and a throng of "brotherly love."

The marathon works in association with many charitable organizations including The Children 's Tumor Foundation, Run To Remember, The Arthritis Foundation, Students Run Philly Style, and many more that benefit the citizens of Philadelphia as well as people across the nation and world. Whether you go to contend or to spectate, the Philadelphia Marathon will deliver excitement and fun for all attending.