Pensacola Marathon & Half Marathon
Pensacola, FL USA
Sunday November 10, 2013

Pensacola Marathon Information

The Pensacola Marathon is one of the best races in the country regardless of your skill level. There is one main reason this is fact, which is that this marathon usually takes place in early November in Pensacola. This equals an average temperature of 60 degrees. It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to running. Whether you plan on running the full 26.2 miles around the city, or stopping after 13.1 miles for the half-marathon, it’s likely that you will appreciate the conditions.

The benefits of running the Pensacola Marathon don’t end with the conditions. This is almost like going on a running vacation, which has everything to do with the scenery. You begin at the bay front. From there, you wind your way toward historical neighborhoods. With every home being different from one another, you’re always going to remain interested. This won’t only keep you entertained; it will also prevent you from getting bored. After that, you will run through the Downtown District. This is a completely different atmosphere. As far as your overall energy level goes, you can rely on the DJs, bands, drum lines and cheering residents. Running through peaceful neighborhoods and then being met by so much music and cheering will certainly help keep your legs moving. If that’s not enough motivation, and if you happen to be at least somewhat serious about running, then you should know that this is a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

Whether you’re taking a competitive approach or you just want to finish the race, and whether you’re running the full or half-marathon, you will end at the Vietnam War Memorial at the corner of 10th Avenue and Romana Street. Don’t worry; there will be medical support available. When you finish, you will also receive a medal. However, you will most likely be more interested in the food and beverages.

While you’re running, you will notice more than just scenery. You will also notice that there are aid stations every two miles. These aid stations will hand out water and energy drinks. They will also have portable toilets if you feel the need for a pit stop. Just don’t take too long because you will only have six hours to finish the race.

Just for participating in the event, you will receive a t-shirt, but you have to be one of the first 1,000 people to register. Therefore, it’s recommended that you register for the Pensacola Marathon without hesitation. If you are one of the first 1,000 registrants, be sure to request a specific size for your t-shirt.

The earliest you can arrive for the Pensacola Marathon is 5 a.m. At this time, you will have an opportunity to pick up your packet. At 6:10, you will be on the starting line. At 6:25, the national anthem will take place. At 6:30, you’re off and running. Kids will lineup at 6:45 and race at 7:00. Their race is 1.2 miles. At 12:30, everything closes and you will have to wait for the Pensacola Marathon the following year.