Ogden Marathon & Half Marathon
Ogden, UT USA
Saturday May 17, 2014

Ogden Marathon Information

The Ogden Marathon has been taking place in the state of Utah since it was first started in 2001. The complete marathon course stretches a total of 26.2 miles starting in the Rocky Mountains east of the city of Ogden at an elevation of 5,400 feet. The Ogden Marathon is one of the five recognized events in the state that are counted towards the Utah Grand Slam award that is given to the top runners with the lowest times in each race. The marathon is also one of the qualifying events for the Boston Marathon that is held later in Massachusetts.

Runners start the marathon in the Rocky Mountains. The first part of the course has runners descending along mostly paved roads that overlook a river and lead into the Pineview Reservoir. The second half of the marathon starts on a road that circles the northern side of the reservoir in the Wasatch-Cache National Park. From that point the participants continue to drop in elevation as they enter the Ogden Canyon. The Ogden River runs through this canyon and accompanies runners for a few miles. The path eventually exits the canyon and enters the city of Ogden. The final leg of the course takes runners past the Botanical Gardens at Utah State University and Dinosaur Park. The course ends on Historic 25th Street.

The Ogden Marathon actually has several different categories of races that take place along the same course starting at different times and locations. Anyone who feels unable to run the full 26.2-mile track can take part in the half-marathon that starts at the midway point in the Pineview Reservoir. Teams of runners can participate in a relay race along four divided areas of the course. A shorter five-kilometer run takes place later in the day. There are even wheelchair races, races for children and corporate races for local businesses trying to raise money for charity.

The entire course for the Ogden Marathon is considered to be very scenic and well suited for people who are not used to running since the terrain is fairly easy to traverse. There are water stations; food tables and portable bathrooms located no more than two miles apart for most of the course. Buses and vans are available to help runners who are unable to complete the marathon on foot. There is a strict six-hour time limit for the marathon regardless of when a person starts. Additionally, anyone who has not entered the Ogden Canyon by just before noon is not permitted to continue for safety reasons.

Nearly 10,000 runners have started to participate in the annual Ogden Marathon. The limited facilities as well as the path the runners must take have caused the state to realize that more runners could start to create problems. This is in addition to the over 20,000 spectators who occupied different areas of the course in order to cheer and support the runners. Strategies that are being implemented to deal with these issues include a lottery to limit the number of runners and staggering the starting times so that the races can be run in smaller groups allowing more people to participate.