Montreal Marathon
Montreal, QC Canada
Sunday, September 21, 2014

Montreal Marathon Information

As a city located just north of the United States border and nestled in the elegant French-speaking province of Quebec, Montreal has a lot to offer tourists of all variety. However, there is a special time each year when athletes converge in order to participate in the Montreal Marathon, Montreal, QC. A recent merge with co-sponsor Oasis Montréal Marathon places the course in the upper echelon of must-run races as a part of the Marathon Series.

The Montreal marathon and the associated half-marathon event both make fantastic use of the very scenic Saint Lawrence River that passes between Montreal Island and the city. Long-distance runners line up on the Jacques Cartier Bridge, which serves as the starting point of both events. After some stretching and warming up on the historic steel truss cantilever bridge, the fun begins. A melting point of enthusiasm for running is sure to be found at each year's race. Participants will hear pre-race conversations in French, English, or practically any other language due to the Montreal Marathon's international appeal.

Those enduring the challenge of the full marathon get a double dose of scenic beauty as they continue past the halfway point and into the latter stages of the race. This includes a veritable tour of the international city's many parks such as Parc Pierre-Marquette and the outskirts of Parc Maisonnueve and the Jardin Botanique. Many runners especially appreciate the beauty of the Olympic Stadium, which served as a focal point of the 1976 Olympic Games.

The September setting makes for great running weather as racers wind through a plethora of riverside attractions. Many of these venues would make for excellent tourist destinations even without the race, but when fun is measured in the footfalls of running shoes on pavement there really are not too many more ideal locations. The prizes and medals awarded are sizable enough to provide top runners a maximum amount of competition. However, if pushing your lungs and legs to their breaking point is not exactly your reason for participating, then the social aspects of the Montreal Marathon are unparalleled. The unique on-course entertainment and live music provides a certain ambiance that permeates through the Quebec air. There is practically a special piece of culture around every turn.

Each year the list of sponsors and supported charity organizations continues to grow. The Montreal Marathon continues to push the envelope of what a marathon experience is supposed to entail. That is why the series has become one of the more popular in the game. The Quebec destination of the signature Montreal Marathon Series is but one of 28 courses throughout the world. Runners who like to travel and take in portions of a location while staying fit might want to add the various other locations to their running to-do list. Montreal is a fascinating city that brings out the heart of Canada in every event that it hosts.