Miami Marathon & Half Marathon
Miami, FL USA
Sunday February 2, 2014

Miami Attractions

Cocowalk™ Shopping and Entertainment District:
The Cocowalk™ Entertainment District is one of Miami's most popular mixed-used developments. It is located about five miles southwest of downtown Miami in Coconut Grove. Some of the Cocowalk™'s most popular attractions include art galleries, department stores, specialty stores, casual restaurants and coffee shops.

The Cocowalk™ Entertainment District also hosts several festivals each year. Some of the most popular festivals that take place at the Cocowalk™ include the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the Goombay Oldies Music Festival. Be sure to attend these festivals to see why the Cocowalk™ is one of South Florida's most popular attractions.

Dolphin Mall:
Dolphin Mall is one of Miami's largest family-friendly shopping centers. It is located about 10 miles west of downtown Miami in Sweetwater. It is home to several movie theaters, over 30 restaurants and over 240 shops.

Some of Dolphin Mall's most popular attractions include several upscale department stores, bookstores and upscale clothing stores. Other popular attractions include discount stores and locally owned specialty stores. Be sure to visit Dolphin Mall early in the morning to avoid the crowds that visit the mall during the day.

Miami Sea Aquarium:
The Miami Sea Aquarium was established to educate Dade County residents about South Florida's marine life. It is located about 15 minutes southeast of downtown Miami in Biscayne Bay. Some of the aquarium's highlights include the Shark Channel, Discovery Bay, the Tropical Wings Aviary and one of the world's most popular stingray exhibits.

The aquarium also hosts several shows each day that teach visitors about South Florida's marine life. Some of the most popular shows showcase the talents of the aquarium's dolphins, sea lions and otters. Be sure to attend one of these shows to learn about how South Florida's marine life learns how to adapt to changes in their environments.

Miami Metro Zoo:
The Miami Metro Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the Southeastern United States. It is located on the former Richmond Naval Air Station grounds in the West Little Havana neighborhood. It features over 1,200 plant species and 2,000 animals that are organized into over 30 exhibits.

Some of the zoo's most popular attractions include a petting zoo, a catwalk, a reptile center and an area devoted to the great apes. Other attractions include tropical gardens that teach visitors about South Florida's unique plants and animals.

Miami Sports District:
The Miami Sports District is located in a 15-mile radius centered around the Miami River and Miami's Waterfront District. It is home to Marlins' Ball Park, American Airlines™ Arena, the Bank Atlantic ™ Center and Sun Life™ Stadium. Sports fans will enjoy attending games at these venues because they feature fantastic views of Miami's cityscape and a vibrant atmosphere that makes watching sports fun.

Miami Art Deco District:
The Miami Art Deco District celebrates the brightly colored homes, stores and attractions that were constructed from 1923 to 1943. It is located in Miami's South Beach neighborhood near Sixth Street and Alton Road. It features over 800 Art Deco buildings that have been designated for historical preservation by the United States Department of the Interior.

Some of the district's most famous Art Deco buildings include the Tower Theater and the Casa Casaurina Mansion. Other famous Art Deco buildings can be found near Ocean Drive. Be sure to take a guided walking tour of Miami's Art Deco District to learn other details about these beautiful buildings.