Maui Marathon & Half Marathon
Maui, HI USA
Sunday, September 21, 2014

Maui Marathon Information

The Maui Marathon located on the tropical island of Maui in Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and most scenic marathons in the world. The marathon is 26.27 miles and takes place in the fall, however, the weather in the fall on the island of Maui can be hot and humid. It is advised to take extra precaution in pre-race hydration and nutrition in order to acclimate to the tropical island weather for optimal performance. The Maui marathon is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon and is also USAT&F and IAAF certified.

The race headquarters are at the spectacular Ka'anapali beach. The course runs through the fishing village of Lahaina, through friendly, sleepy towns and then proceeds to cover 17 miles of oceanfront terrain. There are views of incredible surf, views of dynamic cliffs, views of the looming volcano Haleakala, dozens of palm trees and blossoming tropical vegetation, and views of the neighboring islands of Lanai, Moloka'I, and Kaho'olawe. The scenery alone provides inspiration for participants and spectators. There are medical and first aid stations located throughout the course as well as vehicles if a participant is unable to finish the course. The vehicles will take participants to the nearest aid station. There is an 8-hour time limit to finish the course. There are hydration stands located throughout the racecourse as well as restroom facilities.

Professional photographers are available on race day. They will capture participants in action at many different locations throughout the course. The photographs are then available to the participant after the race. Marathon merchandise such as t-shirts, tanks, pins, and sweatshirts are also available for purchase at the Expos on the day of the race. Cheering from family and friends, positive posters and signs, as well as energetic fans, are encouraged to come support the participants. Elite athletes also participate in the race and are supported by fans and sponsors. Tourists as well as family and friends have access to neighboring roads and streets surrounding the course. Various awards as well as prizes are given out in each age division when the times of the race have been tallied. Entertainment is available during and after the race. There are after parties housed in local hotels scattered along the beach for post-race rest and relaxation. For the latest updates follow posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as personal emails and announcements sent out to the race participants.