Martian Marathon & Half Marathon
Dearborn, MI USA
Saturday April 12, 2014

Dearborn Attractions

Dearborn is located in the Detroit metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Michigan. From amusement parks and museums to lighthouses, wineries, and racetracks, this city has something for everyone. Major attractions include The Henry Ford Museum, the Automotive Hall of Fame, the Arab American National Museum, and the Henry Ford Estate. Dearborn is the eighth largest city in Michigan and has over 98,153 inhabitants. The city has had several notable residents such as Alan Mulally (CEO of Ford Motor Company), George Peppard (actor), Nancy Milford (author), and Bob Seger (rock musician).

Here are some of the main tourist attractions in Dearborn, Michigan:

The Henry Ford Museum
The Henry Ford is a National Historic Landmark and the largest museum complex in America. The museum is home to dozens of historical buildings and millions of artifacts. Visitors can see the Wright Brothers' bicycle shop, Abraham Lincoln's chair from Ford's Theatre, and John F. Kennedy's presidential limousine. They can also attend educational programs, exhibits, and demonstrations. Some exhibits cover the early history of aviation, while others celebrate today's innovations.

Arab American National Museum
The Arab American National Museum features several exhibits celebrating the Arab civilization and its contributions to science, astronomy, medicine, and mathematics. It is the world's first museum devoted to the Arab American culture and history. Its key attractions include a sewing machine dating back to 1945, a hand-stitched Lebanese flag, and a soup tureen and matching bowls. This museum houses the annual Arab Film Festival and the Arab American Book Award.

Automotive Hall of Fame
The Automotive Hall of Fame attracts over 30,000 visitors every year. Founded in 1939, this museum and art gallery has enshrined over 200 cars. One of its main attractions is the Benz Patent Motorwagen, a full size replica of the world's first gasoline powered automobile. You can also visit the Hall of Honor, a 65-foot-long mural that celebrates the impact of the motor vehicle on the world's culture.

The Henry Ford Estate (Fair Lane)
This palace and its grounds record the private life of automaker Henry Ford. The residence is open to the public as a house museum and historical landscape. It has 56 rooms covering 2,900 square meters. Its construction started in 1914. The house was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966. Its design reflects the complex personality that was Henry Ford. A powerhouse and a restaurant are located on site too. The Fair Lane also boasts a man made lake, a "Santa's workshop," a pony barn, a greenhouse, a skating house, and a vegetable garden.

The Dearborn Historical Museum
The Dearborn Historical Museum is one of the city's major attractions. The complex features three historic structures: the Gardener house, the McFadden-Ross House, and the Commandant's Quarters. The museum aims to help locals and tourists promote and preserve the historical heritage of Dearborn. Many visitors are impressed by The Commandant's Quarters, one of the seven most important buildings in Michigan. The building features square columns, a two-story verandah, and a roof covered with slate.