Los Angeles Marathon & Half Marathon
Los Angeles, CA USA
Sunday, March 19, 2014

Los Angeles Marathon Information

One of the most intense, challenging, and grueling event in all of sports is the marathon. Inspired by the route ran by an ancient Greek soldier, Pheidippides, in the Battle of Marathon, the footrace covers just over 26.2 miles.

Across the nation and the world marathons are held throughout the year. The Los Angeles Marathon, held in Los Angeles, California, has become one of the top races for many of the best runners in the world. The event was originally inspired by the 1984 Summer Olympic Games and has been held annually since 1986. While many sponsors contribute to funding the race, the automobile company Honda has been awarded the official title of the marathon. It is now called the Honda Los Angeles Marathon.

The Los Angeles Marathon invites runners from all parts of the world as well as all skill levels. The race features an Open Division for all comers, a Masters Division for 40 years and up, as well as a wheelchair division.

The marathon in Los Angeles is among the fastest in the world with top finishers coming across the finish line in just over 2 hours. Beginning and intermediate runners are provided adequate time to finish the race as the course is open to allow 15 minutes per mile for those individuals who may be inclined to move a bit slower. All finishers are awarded a medal for their participation and the top finishers receive larger prizes.

Overall, the Honda Los Angeles Marathon is a downhill marathon which means there are more declines in elevation than inclines. However, compared to many other marathons the race is relatively flat. Runners begin at Dodger Stadium in downtown Los Angeles and end the race on Ocean Boulevard in Santa Monica. Participants who are unfamiliar with the great city of Los Angeles will be inspired by the beautiful scenery of the course and tremendous history as they embark on their lengthy run. Fans are encouraged to cheer on the runners across the entire race and water and food stations dot the course. First aid stations are also frequent in the case of any emergency.

In addition to promoting competition and encouraging a healthy lifestyle the Los Angeles Marathon contributes to more than 70 charities. Runners are able to affiliate themselves with a specific charity and a large portion of the profits from the race go to those organizations who can reach out to the community with the added funds.