Lincoln Marathon & Half Marathon
Lincoln, NE USA
Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lincoln Attractions

When you are in Lincoln, Nebraska and looking for things to do, there are a number of great attractions available to provide an exciting adventure while you are in town. As the second largest city in Nebraska next to Omaha, Lincoln was settled in 1856 and has a long history that is filled with tales of great struggles and amazing success. Here are five of the most exciting attractions for you to visit while you are in Lincoln.

Nebraska State Capitol:
Started in 1922, the Nebraska State Capitol Building took ten years to build and was not actually occupied until 1932. Nebraska did not become a state until 1867 due to some conflict over boundaries and other concerns. It was finally decided that the capitol of Nebraska would be in the village of Lancaster, which was then renamed Lincoln. The State Capitol Building is a great place to visit in order to learn about the early days of Nebraska.

Sunken Gardens:
Explore the amazing Sunken Gardens in Lincoln. Listed among the 300 Best Gardens in Canada and the United States to visit, the Sunken Gardens include more than 30,000 different plants on a one and one half acre lot. Originally created in 1930, the Sunken Gardens include a Healing Garden, Perennial Garden and Annual Garden for you to explore. The Sunken Gardens are part of Lincolns Park and Recreation System that includes over 125 different parks with hiking trails and more. If you enjoy exploring nature, the Park System maintains over 128 miles of trails for you to explore.

Pioneer Park and Nature Center:
If you want to learn about the environment and animal life that existed during the pioneer days, check out the Pioneer Park and Nature Center. The park includes more than 650 acres of prairie and grasslands with exhibits of elk and bison in their natural environment. The park also includes a nature center with exhibits of small animals where children can learn about the many creatures that are native to the area and how they live.

Nebraska History Museum:
If you enjoy learning about the history of different places, check out the Nebraska History Museum. The museum is filled with artifacts and displays from the early days of the Nebraska pioneers as well as education tours for children to learn about the State and how it came to be. The museum is open every day and a suggested donation is requested for admission. There are a variety of tours available for you to choose from during your visit.

Hyde Observatory:
If space exploration is what you are into, check out the Hyde Observatory in Lincoln. The observatory is said to be the only one of its kind that is funded entirely from donations and there are many resources and tools at the observatory to help you learn about outer space. Admission to the Hyde Observatory is free and the building includes three large telescopes for you to see the wonders of outer space as well as many other displays and exhibits.