Las Vegas Marathon
Las Vegas, NV USA
Sunday, December 17, 2013

Las Vegas Attractions

The National Atomic Testing Museum examines the history of atomic testing in Nevada from 1951 to 1992. During that time, the Nevada Test Site served as the government's main testing ground for nuclear weapons. The museum opened in 2005 and is now affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution. With over 12,000 artifacts and relics in the collection, the museum aims to visually tell the story of atomic testing in the United States. One of the more fascinating exhibits looks at the technology used to measure and track radiation levels. Another popular exhibit lets visitors experience a simulated nuclear test. The museum also displays related photographs, memorabilia, official government documents and more.

The Fremont Street Experience offers visitors a unique taste of the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. This five block area features a LED display ceiling equipped with an excellent sound system. Every evening, this stunning display features light shows and exciting music. The adjacent historic buildings also present a dazzling display of colors and Las Vegas history. The Fremont Street Experience is also home to a pedestrian mall, food vendors, and other shopping adventures.

Red Rock Canyon provides Las Vegas visitors a way to escape the busy city and enjoy a slice of nature's paradise. Within the canyon, visitors are free to take a scenic drive or hike on over 30 miles of trails. Mountain bikers and horseback riders are welcome to enjoy the natural beauty as well. Hardy and adventurous visitors can try their skill at rock climbing on the canyon's walls. Some visitors chance upon the natural wildlife in the area, including rabbits, wild burros, squirrels, bighorn sheep and desert tortoises. This beautiful area is home to wide expanses of crimson sandstone and sprawling yucca plants. Red Rock Canyon makes a great stop for those interested in stretching their legs after eating at one of Las Vegas' famous buffets.

The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay features one of the United State's largest aquarium tanks. This destination bears the unique distinction of being one of the few aquariums in the world found in a desert region. This popular aquarium is home to a large number of animals from various ecosystems. The aquarium features an exhibit devoted to jungle reptiles, including Komodo dragons and various species of snakes. The main tank in the aquarium houses several exotic varieties of turtles and sharks. Curious visitors may interact with an open tank to touch several different marine animals, including horseshoe crabs.

The Lied Discovery Children's Museum makes a great stop for a family with young children looking for something to do together in Las Vegas. This facility appeals to both young and old visitors with its interactive displays and educational information. Children with an appreciation for music can perform karaoke in the interactive radio station. Other exhibits highlight the need for proper nutrition for good health and the benefits of living in an eco-friendly city. The museum also includes a number of exhibits for older children interested in advancing their knowledge of science.