Kiawah Island Marathon
Kiawah Island, South Carolina USA
Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Kiawah Island Marathon Information

The Kiawah Island Marathon is located on Kiawah Island in South Carolina. The location of the marathon is beautiful and breathtaking with sections covering wild forest terrain. There are marsh views along the way that are pleasing to the eye. The course is filled with strong community and island spirit. The race is 26.2 miles in length and starts and finishes in front of the East Beach Conference Center.

There is race day parking available to the participants with shuttle service to the island. Personal storage is available as well along with the opportunity to attend a pre-race yoga session if so desired. It is encouraged to participate in yoga as way to stretch and perhaps prevent injury. The race is USAT&F certified.

The racecourse travels down Kiawah Island Parkway and heads onto a bike path that leads the participants through beautiful natural areas with seaside views. The course is mostly flat which allows for speed. If a participant is hoping to capture his or her personal best then this is the marathon to try for. There are mileage markers throughout the course so that the participants can keep track of their goals and times.

The marathon is supported by a large amount of volunteers from the local community. There are water stations every two miles that are sponsored by Appalachia Springs as well as Gatorade. There is first aid available at the start and finish of the course as well as throughout the course. Trident Sports Medicine sponsors the first aid stations and a medical team from University of South Carolina actually follows the runners throughout the race to insure their safety.

Restrooms are available at various locations on the course. The use of cell phones and headphones are not allowed because they are dangerous for other runners. Support is encouraged from family and friends. Spectators are encouraged to walk along the bike paths so long as they do not inhibit runners from passing by and continuing on with the race.

A post race party featuring food and music is available for family and friends while awards are given to the top male and female athletes. Race scores are tallied and then given to participants after the race. Participants can interact with race information and details through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to keep up to speed on the details of the race and if there are any updates on race day.