Hartford Marathon
Hartford, Connecticut USA
Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hartford Marathon Information

Held annually, the Hartford Marathon serves as a warm-up event for many runners on the marathon circuit. The race generally takes place during the second week of October, starting Bushnell Park of downtown Hartford. For runners and spectators alike, the marathon offers plenty of opportunities for fun as well as plenty of sightseeing throughout the rural Connecticut area.

Getting to the race by can be achieved by taking Interstate-81 if coming from the East or West or Interstate-91 if driving from the North or South. Those spectator's wishing to arrive downtown for the beginning of the race should note that the downtown highway exits close roughly half an hour prior the marathon's start. Parking downtown is available for a small fee.

For those looking to view the race and cheer on their favorite runners, the Hartford Marathon offers plenty of fun ways to view the race and enjoy the day. Throughout the course, over thirty-five musical acts are set up alongside the track to provide inspiration and motivation for the runners and entertainment for the fans. In addition to this, the race organizers have set up a variety of "Cheer Zones" that allow spectators to pile on encouragements and get great view of the runners as they make their way through the twisting twenty-six-point-two mile course.

There is free parking available along the race route but it is important to arrive early, preferably before the marathon's 8:00 am start. Aside from the start and finish lines in Bushnell Park, a few other great spectating locations include the Founder's Bridge, Great River Park in East Hartford, Old Main Street in South Windsor, and the University of Connecticut Campus and Elizabeth Park in West Hartford.

Racers who have run the marathon before described the track's scenery as vivid and beautiful, the course running first through downtown Hartford then out to the surrounding farmlands, providing racers with wonderful views of autumn's falling leaves. Other racers note the excellent, supportive crowds that along the sidelines that come out year after year - an impressive turnout despite the marathon's relatively small size.

Hartford, Connecticut offers many a wide array of entertainment options beyond the marathon. Beautiful parks and gardens dot the city as do landmarks of historic significance such as the Mark Twain House and Museum - once the home of the celebrated American author. Art museums and live performance theaters provide the cultured traveler with yet more ways to enhance their visit. So whether visiting for the Hartford Marathon or simply to enjoy the city itself, you'll find Hartford rich in culture and history.