Grand Rapids Marathon
Grand Rapids, Michigan USA
Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grand Rapids Dining

Real Food Café
When you eat here, you will get large portions of food and quality service. Most of the items that are on the menu are affordable for every budget. The restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch, so you need to stop in as early as possible to get a great meal. The sausage patties are made at the restaurant, and they are excellent with the fluffy pancakes with sweet syrup. None of the food served is frozen. Instead, it is made at the café every day. The hamburgers are a specialty for lunch. You can also order breakfast for lunch.

The Chop House
This is the American steakhouse that you cannot find just anywhere. You can get a large steak smothered with sauce at a bargain price. Steaks are very tender, and you can usually cut them with a fork and butter knife. If you don't like steak, then you should try the freshly made crab cakes. The spices are not overwhelming, and the amount of crab used is just enough to hold the cake together. The blueberry cheesecake makes a magnificent dessert.

The Chersire Grill
This is a favorite among locals in the area. The restaurant is known for their large platters for breakfast, but you can also get a delicious lunch. The Bishop Bread is an item that you should try before your meal. It is sweet bread that is served with butter, but it is best with syrup or honey. Another item that is a specialty of the restaurant is the Heidi Cakes. If you like dessert, you should try the brownie sundae. A fudge brownie is covered with coffee ice cream and topped with caramel, Oreos and whipped cream. It is one of the desserts that you should share with someone else.

Although this restaurant is known for the beer it serves, it is also known for the great food. After you watch the game, visit the HopCat with your friends and grab a smooth beer in a large mug, or you can get a cheeseburger with fries. The small restaurant serves a Stoner Taco that people in the city love. It is shredded chicken in a blue taco shell. You can get various toppings on the taco.

Choo Choo Grill
The name of this restaurant says it all. It is located in a small train house, but the food is excellent. The burgers are grilled to perfection with black marks on both sides. Everything is made by hand from the onion rings to the milkshakes.