Golden Gate Marathon & Half Marathon
San Francisco, California USA
February 8, 2014

Golden Gate Marathon Information

Basic information:
The amazing Golden Gate Marathon is an event held around the first week of April each year. For almost three decades, participants have run a route that includes the Marin neighborhood as well as the territory in Marin County (the Marin Headlands) across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. In addition to the 5K, there is also a 7 mile and half marathon. The race itself is limited to six hours.

Starting around December, the race increases its rates for the Golden Gate Marathon. The current rates are $75 for the marathon, $55 for the half marathon, and $45 for the 7 mile and the race is limited to 400 participants total. The registration booth opens in the morning and is found at Rodeo Beach at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The Golden Gate Marathon begins at 9 a.m., but attendants will need to arrive early. At this time, runners will receive the t-shirt and bib that they signed up for in their registration package. Entry fees are not refundable except for instances involving the military, health, or death.

Parking is free at Rodeo Beach, but San Francisco is notorious for having parking issues. To be on the safe side, runners should allow themselves one hour for parking in case there is an overflow. Do not forget to take a credit card and cash to be used in the parking meters. Also, keep in mind that some parking meters have a time limit that may conflict with the amount of time that runners will be spending running the Golden Gate Marathon.

Winners of the Golden Gate Marathon will receive ribbons for their participation. In particular, these are rewarded for each 5-year age group with a ribbon for the first three finishing males and females.

Course Information:
There are three aid stations that runners will pass twice. For this reason, it is recommended that runners carry additional water. Along the way, the path will be indicated by orange ribbons.

Runner restrictions:
During the running of the Golden Gate Marathon, participants will not be allowed to bring dogs or wear audio devices. Runners are also required to wear the bib the Golden Gate Marathon provides during the race.

In San Francisco, the weather is unpredictable. Nonetheless, keep in mind that fog will likely be an issue before noon in April. This means that the Golden Gate Marathon, with temperatures in the 45 to 65 degree range, will require a light jacket or sweater. It is also common for it to mist or lightly rain during part of the day in this area of San Francisco.

Young people welcome:
A child under the age of 17 is welcome to run the Golden Gate Marathon as long as they have an adult accompanying them. This means that the chaperone must be running with the child. To encourage youngsters to participate, the entry fee is only $10. For participating in the Golden Gate Marathon EnviroKids Program, kids receive a t-shirt.