Detroit Marathon & Half Marathon
Detroit, MI USA
October 20, 2013

Dining in Detroit

Italian food at its best is served in this small restaurant. There are menu items for every budget, and the food is spectacular. There is valet service available, and the inside of the restaurant is very cozy. This makes it the ideal location for small gatherings or a date night. The pasta is made by hand in the restaurant. After your meal, you can order a drink from the extensive wine list.

Hudson Café
This café is only open for breakfast, but you will not be disappointed at the selection of food. The French toast is by far the most popular item on the menu. It is served warm and fluffy, and there are a variety of toppings that you can get on it. Sprinkled with powdered sugar or a fresh scoop of berries, the French toast should be one of the dishes you try. The Belgian waffles are also a great selection. Strawberries or blueberries are usually placed on top of the waffles, but you can get them with only syrup. Outdoor seating offers a great view of the city in the morning.

Astoria Pastry Shop
If you are looking for a puffy pastry in the evening after dinner, then this is the place to go. The prices are reasonable, and the quality of the food is like no other in the area. There is a glass case so that you can look at the numerous sweet treats. One of the items that is popular is the baklava. It is not too sweet and has just the right amount of nuts baked in it. There are special treats made during holiday seasons.

Pizza Papalis
This is not your typical pizza restaurant. The pizza is not flat with only a few toppings. Each pizza is made with a thick crust that has fresh ingredients. The peppers are bright green and sliced thickly. The cheese melts on top of the pizza so that it leaves a string as you pick it up from the pan. This restaurant is the epitome of deep dish pizza. You will not leave disappointed after eating here.

Slows BBQ
As soon as you walk through the door of this restaurant, you are greeted with the smoky smell of BBQ. Whether you like pulled BBQ or a sandwich, you can get it how you like it here. There are a variety of side dishes that you can get, but the macaroni and cheese is one of the best.