Denver Marathon
Denver, CO USA
Sunday, October 20, 2013

Denver Attractions

Visitors to the Denver Botanic Gardens will find a pleasant place to spend an afternoon walking among beautiful flowers and trees. The 23-acre garden is sectioned off into dozens of themed gardens, including a traditional Japanese garden, an herb garden, and a rock garden. Many of the plants and flowers featured in each garden come directly from Colorado or the surrounding region. In 1986, the gardens made history by displaying the first Xeriscape Demonstration Garden; a method of gardening that requires no additional water from sprinklers or irrigation.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is home to some of Denver's most fascinating historical artifacts and biological wonders from prehistory. Many items housed in the museum are from distant lands, including two ancient Egyptian mummies. These two mummies live through their prolonged eternity in an exhibit describing daily life in ancient Egypt and the mummification process. The Egyptian exhibit even includes a model temple. Other highlights include a recreated mine featuring gems and minerals for visitors to examine. Visitors can also stroll through exhibits devoted to space travel, the human body, dinosaurs and Native American culture.

The Denver Art Museum takes visitors on a global art tour from classic art to modern creativity. The museum's stunning exterior features a sloping geometric shape. Inside, visitors will find work from world-famous artists, including Georgia O'Keeffe, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. The extensive collection of Native American art is one of the museum's biggest draws. This collection spans generations and includes works from dozens of different tribes. This exhibit includes art from many contemporary artists as well. The museum also touches on other regions outside of the United States, including several exhibits devoted to African and Asian art.

Originally little more than a small garden, Denver's City Park is now a popular outdoor destination for visitors and locals alike. The park's grounds include two lakes that allow for fishing, boating and other popular water activities. Visitors may participate in fun physical activities, including tennis, golf, trail running and more. The park offers plenty of good spots for a restful picnic or outdoor party. This urban oasis is also home to a stunning fountain illuminated with a series of LED lights. Throughout the night, these lights cycle through interesting patterns and amazing colors.

Four Mile Historic Park offers a taste of Denver's early frontier history. This attraction draws visitors in with its hands-on approach to education through demonstrations and interactive displays. The park is home to Denver's oldest existing home, which is known today as the Four Mile House. The home's original owners built the house in 1859 to serve as a rest stop for weary travelers. Today, the house serves as a museum where visitors may see the home's original furnishings. Horse-drawn carriage rides are available to guests interested in traveling through the park in frontier style. This open-air museum also includes a farm with a variety of animals, including goats and mules. Visitors may explore other historical structures, including a schoolhouse, dance hall, root cellar and more.