Cowtown Marathon & Half Marathon
Fort Worth, TX USA
February 23, 2014

Information about the Cowtown Marathon

With over 25,000 participants, the annual Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth has become the third largest multi-event race in Texas. With three days of events and two full days of various races, the Cowtown Marathon is truly a destination event for runners of virtually all ages and skill levels.

The February festivities begin with the Health and Fitness Expo where you can pick up your registration packets and browse through the latest in health and wellness technology. With tons of great deals, you'll be able to load up on sneakers and gel packs, just make sure to tear yourself away in time for your race.

Of course, which race you decide to run might not be the easiest choice. Saturday and Sunday are full of options including Adult 5K and 10K races, a half-marathon, ultra-marathon, and the 26-mile course that gives the weekend its name.

Moreover, in keeping with Cowtown's commitment to empowering healthy living, Saturday also sees the running of the Cook Children's 5K. With over 5,000 registered participants in 2012 alone, this open-to-all-ages event, has awards going to division winners age 17 and younger. Between the adult events and the Cook Children's 5K (named by USA Running as the top kids running event in America), the Cowtown Marathon definitely goes out of its way to show that healthy living can start at any age.

Despite all the available races, for many, the marathon is still the highlight of the weekend. Runners age 18 and over are allowed to participate, with medals awarded 3-deep in every 5-year division up to age 90. Well organized into corrals for various finishing times, the time limit on the race is a generous 7.5 hours. The Cowtown Marathon utilizes the ChronoTrack timing system to handle scoring and ensure accurate times, so remember- No Chip means No Time!

Organization is great, but the course is the real star of the marathon. Unlike some courses where running is replaced by shuffling, the Cowtown Marathon features a wide enough path to keep you moving. Well marked and with plenty of refreshment stations and port-o-potties, the organizers have managed to find the right balance between giving the runners the space and amenities they need.

Once you've made your way through seemingly every scenic part of the city, the race concludes back near the starting line. Volunteers will be waiting for you with space blankets, food, refreshments, and medical aid to help you cool down quickly and safely.

Before you leave, make sure you grab your goody bag. All registrants get a dri-fit short sleeve race shirt, and all finishers receive a long sleeve finisher's shirt. Better still, in addition to your printable Finisher's certificate, Cowtown is known for handing out some of the nicest finisher's medals in America.

Whether you are a first time marathoner, competitive racer, or just looking for a healthy family outing, the Cowtown Marathon is certain to have a fun and exciting race for your age and skill level.