Cleveland Marathon & Half Marathon
Cleveland, OH USA
May 18, 2014

Attractions in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio is on the shore of Lake Erie in the northeastern part of the state. There is a wealth of attractions for visitors from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to a Costa Rican rain forest in the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

The North Coast Harbor is a district in downtown Cleveland. It is right on the shore of Lake Erie and has many fascinating places to visit. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, designed by I.M. Pei, is focused on performers, promoters, creators and other people who are part of the rock and roll music industry. It offers a list of music compiled by experts has 660 songs that influenced the industry with music from 1920 to the 1990s including The Beatles, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis, Stevie Wonder and Chuck Berry.

The USS Cod, a World War II submarine, is open to visitors in the harbor. Today, it is a National Historic Landmark, and it is fascinating to climb down the ladders and open the hatches of this memorial ship.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History on University Circle has some of the most exciting specimens in the world. It has Lucy, one of the oldest skeletons of humanity's ancestors as well as lots of dinosaur bones. There is astrological equipment, a live animal exhibit and no effort is spared to make it innovative and interesting. The exhibits are constantly being updated.

The Great Lakes Science Center has hundreds of hands-on exhibits and other activities for children. There are wild animals and plants as well as a volcano and earthquake exhibit. Adults also find this science center a great experience.

The West Side Market is in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland and is the oldest indoor and outdoor market space in Cleveland. It opened in 1912 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it attracts people from all over the state as well as from other states to enjoy the stalls and shops of fresh food. It has been covered by the Travel Channel and Food Network and is considered the best food lovers' market in the U.S.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is open and offers a new home to thousands of fish from brook trout to weird and wonderful specimens. It has 35 tanks with the sand tiger shark, freshwater fish, Ohio Lake and river fish, tropical reef fish and piranhas.

No one wants to miss Malley's Chocolate Factory. On Brookpark Road, it offers tastes of fabulous chocolate in many manifestations. A family run establishment that has been around for years, it is a clean and old-fashioned factory that is fun to visit.

When visitors want to get out of the city and enjoy some natural scenery they go to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Park was established in 1974, but the area has been a haven of natural beauty and spectacular views for over a hundred years. It has forests and wildlife including great blue herons, river otters and bald eagles. There are also brilliant wildflowers. Historic sites are plenty along the Erie Canal Towpath Trail through the Park.