Cincinnati Marathon & Half Marathon
Cincinnati, OH USA
May 4, 2014

Information about Cincinnati Marathon

The Cincinnati Marathon in Cincinnati Ohio is also known as the Flying Pig Marathon. The Flying Pig Marathon began in 1999 and takes place on the first Sunday in May of every year. The marathon itself is 26.27 miles, or 48.28 kilometers. Official time in the Flying Pig Marathon can be used for qualifying for the Boston Marathon. The age limit is 18 to enter the race. It is possible to enter the race if the runner is under the age of 18, but not without parental permission in the form of a permission slip. Training and training support is available beginning in January for serious competitors as well as general participants. A month-to-month training schedule is available as well as coaching regarding hydration, nutrition, rest, injury prevention, strength training, and supplements.

There is ride sharing available the day of the race. Participants can ride together as a carpool in order to lessen any parking problems as well as reduce gas emissions to keep the air quality high. There are teams of professional photographers who are located at many different locations throughout the course that will capture the participants in action. The photographs are available for purchase after the race. Marathon merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, and various memorabilia is also available for purchase on the day of the race.

There are also plenty of opportunities to volunteer as well as become part of the Flying Pig Marathon Internship Program, which helps to coordinate the activities of the day including soliciting vendors, organizing the Expos, and setting up registration. The course itself is beautiful and runs along the streets of Newport, Cincinnati, and Covington. The course runs through some of the finest neighborhoods in Cincinnati with beautiful architecture and clean streets. There are views of the Kentucky River, Mirror Lake, the Krohn Conservatory, and the Eden Park Overlook. There is course support all along the way including fluid stations, which supply water and Gatorade as well as energy gels. Restrooms are available throughout the course as well as medical aid and first aid. Cheering, positive posters and signs, as well as energetic fans, are encouraged to come support the participants. Awards as well as prizes are given out in each age division after the race has come to a close and the results have been tallied. Follow the development of the race including race times, participants, various entertainments, and the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter, as well as personal emails sent out to each individual participant.