Cincinnati Marathon & Half Marathon
Cincinnati, OH USA
May 4, 2014

Dining In Cincinnati

Here is a brief look at some of Cincinnati's most popular dining options that can help you plan a fun tour of Cincinnati's culinary scene.

Downtown Dining Options:
Starting your tour of Cincinnati's culinary scene in the downtown area makes sense because there are more than 100 eateries located near some of Cincinnati's most visited areas including Cincinnati's Central Business District and Riverfront Square. Choosing among these eateries can be difficult because they offer patrons many delicious options.

However, many locals recommend starting a tour of downtown Cincinnati's eateries by having lunch at some of the pubs that are located near Great American Ballpark and Findlay Market. These eateries are well-known for serving delicious hamburgers, charbroiled steaks and locally produced ice cream.

Many locals also recommend visiting the locally owned diners and chile parlors that are located five minutes east of downtown Cincinnati in Mount Adams. This is not surprising because they offer patrons several versions of Cincinnati's famous chile that is served up to six different ways on spaghetti. Be sure to try different versions of this chile to see why it is one of Cincinnati's most celebrated dishes.

West End Dining Options:
Many Cincinnati foodies recommend continuing your tour of Cincinnati's culinary scene by visiting the upscale steakhouses and seafood restaurants located about 10 minutes west of downtown in Cincinnati's West End neighborhood. Most of these eateries are located near popular attractions such as the Cincinnati Music Hall and the Park Town Shopping Center. Be sure to try the lobster thermidor that has made these restaurants famous.

Walnut Hills Dining Options:
Continue your tour of Cincinnati's culinary scene by visiting the locally owned eateries located northeast of the West End in the Walnut Hills neighborhood. Many locals enjoy visiting these eateries because they offer great take out options that planning a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, the Newport Aquarium, or the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center easy.

Some of the most popular restaurants located in Walnut Hills include cafes, Mediterranean-style restaurants, pizzerias, pubs and sandwich shops. Other popular restaurants include diners that offer patrons Cincinnati's well-known breakfast sausage called goetta. Be sure to visit these restaurants with your family to sample of Cincinnati's largest pizzas, sandwiches and appetizers.

College Hill Dining Options:
No tour of Cincinnati's culinary scene is complete without visiting the ethnic restaurants located in the College Hill neighborhood. College Hill is a vibrant neighborhood located about 10 minutes northwest of Walnut Hills. It is well-known for its casual and buffet-style restaurants located near popular destinations such as the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Be sure to visit the Chinese and German restaurants located in College Hill to sample some of Cincinnati's best banquet-style meals.

Hyde Park Dining Options:
Be sure to conclude your tour of Cincinnati's culinary scene by visiting the restaurants located about 15 minutes east of downtown Cincinnati near Hyde Park. Some of Hyde Park's most popular restaurants include upscale bistros, chile parlors, pizzerias, pubs and locally owned hamburger stands.

Many foodies enjoy visiting these eateries because they offer contrasting menus that offer visitors a chance to learn about Cincinnati's culinary scene without having to travel far from Cincinnati's major transportation hubs. As a result, be sure to visit these eateries to see why Cincinnati is one of America's most interesting culinary destinations.