Capital City Marathon & Half Marathon
Olympia, WA USA
May 18, 2014

Attractions around Olympia

Olympia, Washington is perched on the south end of Puget Sound on Budd Inlet. There are many outdoor and indoor attractions for visitors. When planning a visit, bear in mind that the dry weather season runs from late spring into fall.

Puget Sound is an inlet where the Pacific Ocean reaches inland around 50 miles. If you enjoy water sports, it is an exceptional place to vacation. The Mystic Journey on the southern end of the Sound offers tours that range from a couple of hours to trips that take multiple days. The tours offer the opportunity to see some of the area's less well known "gems." There are wide varieties of wildlife and historic sites. One such site is the end of the Oregon Trail (the norther fork).

Mount Rainier, at 14,410 feet above sea level, can be seen at long distances and from many directions. This mountain is an active volcano and is often covered with steam clouds. If you want to spend quality time there, you can stay in Mount Rainier National Park. These accommodations range from campgrounds to hotels. Any of the lodgings can be your launch pad for exploring in all directions until you are content. Contact the park rangers before you arrive. They will give you all of the information you need to make this a thoroughly outstanding trip.

McLane Creek Nature Trail is a hiking trail through the wilderness of Capitol State Forest. The trail is a loop that covers a little over a mile. There is a board walk with signs that explain each area. Every so often there is a deck where hikers can rest awhile and just soak it in. Different seasons offer different panoramas, and those who keep their eyes open will see many different animals and plants along the way. Children enjoy this activity.

History buffs will love Olympia. The Bigelow House Museum showcases the first house built in Olympia in 1850. It also holds artifacts of the Bigelow family that tell about their considerable contributions to the area. Horse-drawn carriages can take you on an historical ride around the city. You may also enjoy the Olympia Flight Museum. Their tours cover old airplanes as well as the history of flight in the area.

If you are looking for fun, Olympia's Farmers Market will delight your eyes as well as your taste buds. The market was begun to give small farms and local growers a venue for their produce. Olympia has many other enjoyable activities available. Bowling, golf and the Red Casino await your pleasure. Check out The Capitol Theater. It is a non-profit historic cinema run by the Olympia Film Society. When you are hungry, there are dozens of restaurants in Olympia for you to visit.

This is just a taste of the joys of Olympia. You will want to tailor a vacation that fits you and your family. It will be an unforgettable time.