California Int'l Marathon
Sacramento, CA
December 8, 2013

California Int'l Marathon Information

The California International Marathon is an event annually held in December of each year. Founded in 1983 by the Sacramento Running Association, the race uses the same course today as it did back then, with a picturesque ending in front of the California State Capitol.

This marathon offers an excellent experience, both for the participant and the spectator alike. Not only does the course take you on an excellent tour of the city of Sacramento, over thirty different entertainment spots are located along the route as well to keep you going! Whether you are running in the marathon or are just there to support a friend, the variety of music offered throughout the day will keep your spirits up and the juices flowing.

Because the marathon is considered as one of the fastest marathons in the country, many runners use it as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon and the Olympics. While offering an overall downhill bearing path, the course has few turns and takes place on even, well paved streets. The time of year could not be better either. With an average temperature in the mid-50s, the California International Marathon, Sacramento, California offers one of the best atmospheres and experiences out of any marathon in the country.

While enjoying your marathon experience in Sacramento, feel at ease knowing you are supporting some excellent benefactors as well. Because the Sacramento Running Association, a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization manages the California International Marathon, all proceeds from the race are given to multiple running organizations from the area.

Family and friends also get a chance to participate in the running festivities. The maraFUNrun, a 2.62-mile run that is open to adults and kids of all ages, follows the last couple of miles of the marathon course. This fun event gives everyone a first-hand experience of crossing an official marathon finish line! If that isn't enough, you can't beat a free t-shirt and awards for the top runners.

While in the Sacramento area, take advantage of the city's prime location. Tourist destinations such as San Francisco, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe are all within reach from Sacramento.

Because of the popularity of the California International Marathon, Sacramento, California, and the limited number of spaces available, be sure to register early. Whether you are a first time marathon runner or an experienced lifer, don't miss this chance of a lifetime!