California Int'l Marathon
Sacramento, CA
December 8, 2013

Attractions around Sacramento

When you are traveling around Sacramento, California and looking for something to do, there are a number of attractions available for you to enjoy. Whether you enjoy museums, historical landmarks or any other attractions, there is much for you to do in Sacramento. Here are just five of the many attractions available for you to explore.

Sutter's Fort:
Explore one of the most important settlements in early California history when you visit Sutter's Fort. The fort was built in 1839 and was at the heart of the pioneer movement in California. It was from this fort, that James Marshall discovered gold while working near the rivers in the foothills east of the fort. Sutter's Fort is open for tours and has a number of exhibits and displays for visitors to learn about early California history.

California State Railroad Museum:
If you enjoy railroads and learning about the early history of the railroads, then check out the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Featuring twenty-one locomotives and railroad cars that have been restored to their original state, the railroad museum includes railroad cars from as far back as 1862. You can even take a ride on one of the historic locomotives during certain times of the year and experience the sights and sounds of riding on a real train.

Crocker Art Museum:
If you want to learn about the art and artistic ability of Californian's, visit the Crocker Art Museum. The museum features many great exhibits and displays from not only California artists, but artwork from around the world.

Old Sacramento:
If you want to see what the city of Sacramento was like during the 19th century, check out Old Sacramento. The old section of town is located on the west side of the river from the city of Sacramento and includes many landmarks and displays from the 1800's lifestyle of the pioneer town. Old Sacramento also features theaters and tours of the old town.

California State Capitol Museum:
When you want to learn about early California history and its government, check out the California State Capitol Museum in Sacramento. Tours are given during the week of the Capitol Museum and include artifacts and displays of California's early days. The museum also includes classes and educational programs to help children learn about California's government and how the state came to be as well as details about how the State Capitol building was designed.