Baystate Marathon & Half Marathon
Lowell, MA
October 20, 2013

Attractions around Lowell

When you are traveling through the area of Lowell, Massachusetts and looking for some places to visit, the city has a number of local attractions for you to explore. Whether you enjoy museums, railroads, history and more, you will find plenty to do in Lowell. Here are just five exciting attractions to visit around Lowell.

Whistler House Museum of Art:
If you enjoy 19th century art, you will love visiting the home of artist James McNeill Whistler. Known for his amazing portraits and paintings, he is most widely known for his painting entitled, "Whistlers Mother". The birthplace of James Whistler has been turned into a museum and features many of the artists paintings as well as a number of artifacts and displays.

Lowell National Historic Park:
Operated by the National Park Service, the Lowell National Historic Park features many historic buildings that was part of the original town of Lowell. The park includes landmarks like the Boott Cotton Mill and Museum, the Kirk Street Agents House, The Lowell Canal System, the Pawtucket Dam and Gatehouse and much more. The city of Lowell was well known for being a major center of the textile industry in New England and many of the mills still exist.

Boott Cotton Mills Museum:
The Boott Cotton Mills Museum is housed on the grounds of the famous Boott Cotton Mills, one of the most important textile mills in New England. The Mill operated for more than 120 years until it was closed in 1955. The structures were restored and opened as a museum to show what the industry was like during the height of its operation. Much of the museum features rooms and facilities that are restored to look just like it would have been if you were walking in to go to work. The weave room includes weaving looms that run during the tours to give the look and feel of a real weaving room.

New England Quilt Museum:
If you enjoy quilting and the patterns and designs that can be created with quilts, then check out the New England Quilt Museum. The museum displays quilts from several generations as well as offering quilting classes and workshops. The city of Lowell holds a quilt festival each year and the museum is right in the center of the festivities. If you enjoy crafting and always wanted to learn about making quilts, the New England Quilt Museum is where you want to go.

National Streetcar Museum:
If you like exploring the history of transportation and especially of streetcars, then take a look at the National Streetcar Museum in Lowell. The museum includes streetcars that were used by the city, dating back to 1889. The first streetcar in Lowell served the downtown district and eventually spread out to serve many different areas of town. The streetcar museum includes a number of different designs including streetcars drawn by horse as well as electric streetcars and more. This museum will provide you with a great view of the city's transportation methods over the years.