Air Force Marathon & Half Marathon
Dayton, OH USA
September 20, 2014

Attractions in Dayton,Ohio

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
Visitors can step inside this Dayton attraction to learn more about aviation history. Exhibits feature collections from the early days of the Wright brothers, World War II and the Cold War. Visitors can also see military weaponry and items used in the exploration of outer space. The outdoor Memorial Park commemorates service members who have been lost in combat.

Sun Watch Indian Village/Archeological Park
A reconstructed 13th century village of the Fort Ancient Native Americans is open to visitors. Audio tours allow visitors to learn more about the history of this intriguing society. Several historical artifacts are on display. Visitors can also learn about the techniques used for building houses and harvesting crops.

Carillion Historical Park
This notable park showcases some of the greatest inventions in history. The Wright Flyer III, which was the world's first efficient aircraft constructed by the Wright brothers, is the main centerpiece of the park. Visitors can also see the world's first automobile self-starter and a B&O steam locomotive from 1835. The Newcom Tavern, Dayton's oldest building still in existence, has been preserved for over 200 years as a testament of American history.

Dayton Art Institute
Artistic masterpieces and historical treasures are displayed within this famous Ohio museum. Ancient artifacts from Egypt and the Roman Empire are just some of the wondrous pieces this institution has to offer. Visitors can also see beautiful European paintings and Asian pottery pieces. Unique outdoor sculptures additionally adorn the museum grounds.

Dayton Mall
This extensive shopping complex features major department stores carrying all of the latest fashions. Shoppers can also find stores offering electronics, jewelry and wellness products. A wide selection of eateries means that patrons will not have to shop while hungry. The mall also features live music performances and other forms of family-friendly entertainment.

Riverscape MetroPark
Visitors can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities while visiting this city parkland. Biking, jogging and inline skating are among the most popular activities. Boat rentals are available for visitors who want to journey out onto the river. The park's fountain is able to shoot water 200 feet into the air. Paul Laurence Dunbar, a famous poet from Dayton, has many of his works engraved in stone. Visitors can also see many displays of beautiful plant life.

America's Packard Museum
This institution is the perfect attraction for auto enthusiasts. A Packard dealership was transformed into a museum exclusively showcasing cars and products from the Packard Motor Car Company. Visitors can see several vintage models and learn more about the history of this prestigious automobile manufacturer.